Google Ads Management Services

Why I Should Choose Google Ads Management Services for My Business?

We know, every business owner has the same question before starting ads on Google. Here are some points, which will help you to understand how Google ads management services helps to improve your business performance.

  1. PPC Ads take lesser time to produce results than Organic traffic.
  2. In PPC you need to pay, when your ads get clicked. Means you are getting traffic for each click.
  3. Google ads provides verities of campaigns, based on your need. Like Click to call Campaign, Display campaigns and Search Campaigns.
  4. With the help of Google Ads, you can make your brand popular. Which will be cheaper than other Advertising options.
  5. You can get accurate reporting for your leads and traffic. Which is a big advantage.

iMarketers provides Google Ads Management Services, which will assure you to run your campaigns without any headache. We have an experience team, who will take care of your campaigns and provide proper reporting. Here is our strategy behind our client’s campaigns success.

What makes our PPC management effective?

  • In depth campaign audit and conversion tracking.
  • A dedicated account manager.
  • Relevant and fruitful keyword research.
  • Relevant account structure and restructure.
  • Proper Conversion and Leads status reporting.
  • Work transparency.
  • Visitor performance tracking for leads.
  • Call tracking report setup by Google Ads.
  • Landing page analysis and recommendations.
  • Manual Bid management of Google Adwords
  • Performance Analysis of Google Ads Campaign by Location, Devices and other important parameters.

Our Working Process:-

We are working step by step to achieve our goals in Google Ads. You can check our step below, which will help you to understand our workflow.

  1. Campaign Audit and Suggestions: If you have an existing campaign then first, we are auditing the campaign and providing some suggestions to make it effective else we are creating new campaigns.
  2. Keywords Research: Keywords research is one of the main part f the campaign creation, if keywords are relevant and have good searches then you can get better traffic and leads.
  3. Website Landing Page Analysis: We are checking the landing pages, based on the keywords. If they are relevant then we link those pages in Text ads else suggest creating new landing pages, which can improve relevancy with keywords.
  4. Conversion and Leads Tracking: this is also an important part of our workflow. Because it helps to calculate our ROI (Return on Investment) and to analyze we on right track.
  5. Text Ads Creation: We analyze our competitor’s text ads and find out the points, why they are more profitable than us. We create text ads and after approval of our Client we are using it in our campaigns.
  6. Campaign Structure and Upload: We create an effective campaign setting to perform better. Our main attention is on the Targeted Locations, daily Budgets, Devices we are targeting, ads scheduling and other important areas. We are using all these settings after our client’s approval.
  7. Manual Biding: We are managing keywords CPC bids on the daily basis to achieve low cost per conversion and high click through rate.
  8. Keywords Performance Analysis: We are checking the performance of the keywords by weekly and adding the converting keywords and extract the negative keywords from campaigns.
  9. Bid Strategies: We do experiments with bid strategies and choose the best techniques to get more results. Our main target is to get best way to improve ROI.
  10.  Custom Reporting: We have good skill in DataStudio reporting. Which makes custom reports, which will be easy to understand and to get all important data on single page.  

iMarketers provides best Google Ads Management Services with very affordable prices. You can compare our PPC Management Pricing, which will be according to your pocket.